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Surveillance is the observation, documentation and reporting of the activities of a person, their interactions with others and whereabouts or the monitoring of the activities and people at a particular location. Surveillance is one of the most important tools used by our Indianapolis private investigators because it allows us to gather information about a subject in real time, as things are happening, and to preserve the subject activities through photographs and video. Surveillance is useful in many types of investigations such as:

Theft at a business or residence
• Worker’s compensation
• Infidelity/Cheating spouse or significant other
• FMLA fraud and abuse
• Child custody disputes

There are several circumstances where conducting surveillance is a good option for solving your problem. It can provide evidence of a crime; prevent a crime from occurring; document what is happening at a particular building or location; document the activities, interactions and location of a person; and it can be used to obtain information that can be used in a deposition, mediation or in a court proceeding.

The Indiana private investigators at Legwork Investigations have been trained and have access to the latest surveillance equipment, specialized cameras and vehicles all of which make surveillance more effective. They keep up to date on current privacy laws and often work with the police.

Some individuals attempt to conduct surveillance on their own. There are some very good reasons why this is not a good idea. One reason is that without the proper equipment and training, the subject may become aware that they are being watched and begin to alter their behavior to keep from being found out. This then makes it more difficult and time consuming to obtain the information you need once you hire a private investigator. In many circumstances, an individual attempting to conduct surveillance on their own can be guilty of stalking so you’ll want to hire one of the professional private investigators at Legwork Investigations to handle surveillance for you.

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