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Does someone owe you money? Did you receive a judgment from a court only to have someone welch on their responsibilities to pay? If you need help finding someone so that you can collect on a judgment or debt owed to you then you should talk with one of our skilled investigators regarding how our judgment recovery assistance services can help you. In many judgment recovery cases we find that the amount of money owed is sizeable and the person who owes for the judgment simply doesn’t want to pay regardless of their income. Judgment recovery can also be about proving their ability to pay.

Use of surveillance, background checks and various investigation techniques will be used to provide you with the information you need to recover the funds owed to you.  We assist you by locating assets, bank accounts, place of employment but we do not take over the judgment and try to collect it on your behalf. We also check civil court records to see if there are other judgments against the same person. This helps you decide if it is worth your time and money to try to collect.

If you have been granted money by a court, you need to hire a private investigator to help you because you deserve to be able to claim your funds. Our Indianapolis private investigators have judgment recovery experience and will help you identify assets and recover every penny you are owed. Most creditors are unaware of their responsibilities regarding judgment recovery. You must pursue your own compensation.  Through the use of multiple investigative techniques our private investigators will help you get what is coming to you. Don’t delay!  If you are owed money, pick up the phone and call Legwork Investigations today at 317-973-1007.  Get the help you need from trained licensed professionals.

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Please contact our office for all of your investigative needs. If we are not able to assist you with your specific needs, we will help find an investigator who can.

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